Executive Echoe Dec 2011.

 On the 2rd of December, 2011 at Hotel des Depute  was attended by top ranking government dignitaries among which were; Seven members of parliament, two members of the executive arm, one stakeholder from the prime ministry, and the coordinator Evangelist Mathias Otomou and his wife Sylvia not leaving out the servant of God Reverend DR, Apostle T.V Ndih. Apart from these high ranking public figures other local government functionaries and children of God were present.

The representative of the executive arm of government appreciated the efforts of the legislatives for a brilliant idea of bringing government and Church leaders to thank God. He expressed the urgent need to continuously pray to God for peace, protection        and prosperity.

Committed MPS with their coordinator, thought it wise for the authorities    of the land as well as children of God to come unanimously and thank    God for His hand of protection during the hinge free presidential       election and referendum. The meeting opened with a word of prayer from the servant of God. Follow suit was a joyous moment of praise led by Mrs. Tipa. Faithful, immediately were some testimonies shared by some members of parliament depicting the hand of God upon their  lives.    


   Rev, DR, Apostle T.V Ndih with inspiration from Luke17:14-19       shared the word of God with the theme “The power of thanksgiving”. The epicenter of his message was directed to the need to give thanks to God as  envisaged in  the attitude of the foreign leper who came back  to say thanks to God. The message established the purpose of our gathering   and the lesson obtained from the message is that “Any great altitude stems out of a right attitude of thanksgiving “At the end of the ministration the man of God led the multitude to the throne of grace via prayer. 




A technical adviser to the head of state said “I appreciate the work            of evangelist Mathias in my life personally. His high commitment          and a servant leadership heart is a motivation for my leadership       growth. I am very impressed and glad I responded to his invitation            to attend this meeting of today.Please continues this good work”


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