On the 12/11/2014, the parliament of Cameroon opened it doors for the last parliamentary session of 2014 for her government leaders (senators and parliamentarians). They are to stay in Yaoundé for one month to work on the budget of the nation for 2015.

We planned together with some of  them and organized  a leadership training seminar  for their empowerment from 16-17/11/2014. We had 30 participants( 15 government leaders 3 directors of organisations, 3 final year political science students, 3 pastors, 2 business men, 2 project managers and a medical doctor) in attendant.
We were greatly blessed with good facilitators Jonathan Sporri  from Switzerland who used materials developed by John C. Maxwell ( EQUIP) and a locally based facilitator who focused more on servant leadership which helped the leaders to understand leadership in another perspective. It was like a dream to see them listening to Jonathan.

The most remarkable thing for thanksgiving to God is the impact of the seminar on the participants. When we visited one of them, we were very amazed of what we heard and saw. One of the parliamentarian said ” I have attended so many leadership seminars but this one is so unique in that it is Bible based and revealed the truth that has help to shape my mind, perspective and my values. I am free from my past leadership pitfalls” He went ahead to say ” those of my colleagues who have not attended this seminar have missed a lot.” We heard Christian music in his room and he told us he  just went to the market and bought DVD player so that can listen to messages and Christian music regularly.

He and many other government leaders proposed we should organize many of such seminars. They acknowledged that the seminar has a rich content for their leadership effectiveness and for the fight against  corruption in Cameroon. They planed to propose this to the parliament of Cameroon.
Mathias and Sylvia were overwhelmed with joy for what God did and really appreciated the facilitators, organizing team members and the leaders for attending. At the end of the seminar we took family picture. Click here to see family pic.
Thank you for reading our news.
We are soliciting for your prayers for open doors and effective follow up.

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