Dear Kingdom minded team member! Thank you for standing with us, while we were away from you, we were connecting to Christ, engaging and empowering our leaders.  Members of the body of Christ were equiped for the fulfilment of the Great Commission.  Thanks for  your support and for your friendship. Thanks for enabling us to press on toward the goal of the high calling of God in our life. You may wonder whether I have ever asked myself the question: Is it worth it all?

Before the June Parliamentary session began, we were praying and asking God for better strategies for meeting spiritual  needs of our leaders specially the newly elected senators. We thought of using the Jesus film but we had the impression that everybody must have watched the Jesus film and that it is not worth using as an evangelistic tool. This impression picked a shock. One of our committed senator, a disciple paved a way to start evangelizing her peers. On Sunday 17th June, 2018, we prayed together with her and she booked for an appointment with a new senator.  We both left to hotel Month Febe where some senators lodges during their  sessions. When we meet the new senator and introduced ourselves as staff from Campus Crusade for Christ and that one of our great evangelistic tool is the Jesus film, he stopped me and said “I have never watched the Jesus film to the end because Jesus died an innocent dead. I did not see reason why He had to die that way through the cross and the Barnabas a criminal was set free”. This Senator’s intervention wiped away my skepticism as I remarked he was so glad to listen to me explain the reason Jesus came on earth and had to die through the cross. We equally testify that this same Senator who was sick received his healing after having spent time praying for him.

For more than four years that I have been working with some of the senators, I had in mind to show the film “walking with Jesus” to some of them.  Again just like the first case, I was not sure it will meet a need of a leader of their caliber.  After our meeting with the new senator, we challenged him to host a meeting for us to meet with him and some of his peers so we could have an evangelistic evening meeting.

We were humbled on how God touched the lives of three new senators just by watching “Walking with Jesus” film.

The senator who has never watched the film about Jesus to the end, prayed and invited Jesus into his life when he watched “walking with Jesus”. He was so moved to share the impact of the film in his life at the end of the film show. This was what he saidThank you people for coming to show us this film. It has really touched me and I pray you people should help everybody watch the film. It will impact the lives of many people. This is what you people can do if possible. Produce the film in multimedia carts and let people buy and watch on their own”. Another senator who watched the film too is a disciple and holds the post as a chief in his village said, “Please can it be possible that I take this film to my region and mobilize my people to watch”?He immediately solicited to have the film and gave us his flash key to help put the film in it.

At this point I told them, we are certain God brought us here so that He can use them to convince us to go ahead with our project of offering films about Jesus to  leaders and their people to meet their spiritual needs.

On the 22 July 2018, as I finished preaching in my local church, I contacted a blind person in Church and this was her request, she said “Please can it be possible that I have some messages like the film you once came and projected (the Jesus film) in flash so that I can be listening to the message? This request was a great surprise to me yet it marked me for I did not inform anybody in the church on my silent intentions on conception of a project in that light. I finally told her she is included among the leaders that will be offered the package. She was so excited and made a commitment to be praying for the project realization.

The testimonies and advice convinced us to say it is worth it all to use the film as a strategy to meet the spiritual need of the leaders and their people.

We are quite certain that there are some leaders and many other people who have not watch the film to a level were they can accept Jesus in their lives as Lord and personal savior.

We want to produce the film that have been translated in our Cameroon mother tongue languages and offer to them as evangelistic tool.

We have been asked to stop work and develop funds that can enable us remain effective on the field and take care of our family. We shall continue with fund development in September and to hopefully resume work in October 2018.

Please join us in prayer:

  • Pray and thank God for all who stood with us prayerfully, financially and materially. May God bless all?
  • Pray for effective follow up of those who invited Christ in their lives. Pray they be rooted in Christ and become multiplying disciples who can positively influence their peers for Christ.
  • Pray for funding for the “Legacy Project for the Tipas family English”  Legacy Project for the Tipas family.French
  • Pray that we should be able to develop our full support by ending of October to enable us return to field work.
  • Pray for our kids that they should start and finish well the new academic year 2018-2019.

Thank  for your partnership in ministry. Your prayers and investment  are a vital part of our work. Together, we are influencing and shall by the grace of God connect many people to Christ.

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