Mission with Pastors at Bertoua

Equipping and Raising Multiplying laborers for kingdom advancement

  1. General Information

The objectives of this work are:

  1. Trainings: To Increase task force by raising labourers who will be able to raise at least 5 multiplying disciples before 2019 ends
  2. Planting of New life Groups or Churches: Build movement everywhere
  3. Using domestic evangelisation through short films as a strategy and classic projection.
  4. Upgrade and implement effective follow-up program for the conservation of the fruits of evangelisation for spiritual multiplication using JESUS Film Products as a tool for follow up and discipleship.
  5. Exploiting and launching of translated Jesus Film.
  6. Putting in place fund development strategy for financial autonomy

   Coordinator:  Mathias OTOMOU Tipa


  1. Emmanuel Ngeh – (Exploiting and launching of translated Jesus Film. )
  2. Theddius – ( Trainer and financial manager)
  3. Sylvia Langoi Tipa ( Coordinating Magdalena work and Reporting)


  1. Samuel Lagouste and 12 missionaries in 7 other towns- ( Maroua, Ngaoundere, Bafussam, Bertoua, Kribi, Douala, Bamenda, Buea) Classic Jesus film projections.
  2. Justine Ngalla Nchia- (New Life Group supervisor in Yaounde 2)
  3. Alexis and Vivine Kamu – (New Life Group leader at Gro Pouke in Yde 2)
  4. Serge Mboutsop – ( New life Group Supervisor Yaounde 4)
  5. Christopher TENENG Khan – (New life Group supervisor Yaounde 6)
  6. Flora – ( Financial controler and new life group leader in Yaounde 2)
  7. Mama Rosaline & Doral Ndang -( Magdalena and NLG Leader in Yaounde 5 & 4)
  8. Terence Teneng – (NLG supervisor Yaounde 3)
  9. Moise Ntafia – ( Human Resource development, National coordinator assistance)
  10. Mummy Ghogomu and Orise Karina, ( Fund development coordinators)
  11. Training: (Raising task force)

In order to help realized the national  goal of the ministry and mobilization 2020, the  JESUS Film Project Cameroon has put trainings on evangelism, discipleship, planting of new life group and Church  through short film as first priority. Spiritual multiplication of disciples is possible only when children of God are train with ministry skills in the above mentioned domains.

From July – September 2019, we were able to organized  8 trainings and empowered 200 Christians in all works of life. Church leaders and members in their mission and evangelism committee participated more. Out of the 200 trainees, half are in the process of seeing  the slogan 1 Christian equal to 5 multiplying disciples a reality.

We praise the Lord for the success of these training. Some pastors for the first time they can see young converts receiving ministration from them after a field work.

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