Dear friends and family members, once again happy new year 2020.  A year where  impossibilities  shall become possible. We are  again humbled to write and to let you know how our God was able to  accomplished great things in Cameroon through you and us. Thanks.

We were able to build and trained 450 enganged disciples. 350 are in the process of accelerating the accomplissement of  mobilisation 2020 goal and the Great Commission.  See below some pictures of trainings in evangelism and discipleship :

Develop Multiplying Leaders

In Yaounde city, after our Jesus Film strategic training on evangelisation through short film in April 2019,  we were able to develope more than 25 leaders out of which 18 planted  New Life Group Movements.   Some have been adapted as new Churches by our partner Churches . We have closely 300 memebrs that are being nutured in the groups. In some group,  members have started multiplying their impact in some targeted zones.  For example in a small village called Febe village, Justin one of the leader that was trained and developed started a new life group movement there and within  the space of three months two other new groups were planted by members of his group.  Spiritual multipliction of disciples has started leading to multiplication of new life group movements everywhere. Four New Life Group Movements out of 18 have reproduced other groups. Some leaders have seen third generations of diciples.


We have expanded our ministry presence in other parts of our nation through strategic partnership with some churches and individuals. We formed regional Jesus film teams based in 10 towns and rural areas in Cameroon. We have continued to distribute, effective media tools, in alignment with the JFP mission, in response to CCC and partner needs


  1. As an arm of Campus Crusade for Christ Ministry critical components (MCCs), the Lord enabled us to work with some government leaders in the area of helping them to multiply their impact in their area of influence. Honorable Mamigue who was trained on how to use Jesus film equipment in Maroua in October 2019, was so satisfied when he  was offered  a new set of equipment in his home land Yagoua. He did a good job of mobilising more than 25 pastors,  and 120 Christians that  were trained.  He just reported that God is at work in Yagoua and beyond. He complained that the  one set of equipment that was offered to him and his team is causing trouble as the Church leaders are scrambling for it. Himself solicited for more tools and empowerment to enable  them saturate the extreme north to enable them take over the zone were the Muslim have in mind to own.  10 members of parliamentarians  have solicited for their empowerment  with equipments to enable them serve God and their people in their regions.
  2. Narcise a member of a local church  who was trained by us. He was  so happy to see God used him to start a new life group movement  with more than 18 persons in an enviroment where for more than three years, his main Church have struggled to start a church there to no avail. The main  pastor chased him and his disciples away thinking that Narcise wanted to start a Church of his own. A young pastor under the main pastor who was trained by Mathias Tipa, in a Bible institute, told his pastor that he is the product of  Mathias work. when he understood that Narcise is modeled by Mathias, he adviced  his pastor to allow brother narcise continue with the work and that he should embrace the work and continue with the group as a new Church. Brother Narcise returned with his disciples and finally the main Church adopted the new life group movement as a new church. Glory be to God.


  1. Praise God for partners who stood with us in 2019.
  2. Prayer for Jesus film project cameroon team  for unity, more love for one another and for the Lord to bless our team in mighty ways .
  3. Ask the Lord to enable us raise task force of 5000 laborers by 2021
  4. Pray for new faithful partners to join our team
  5. Pray for provision of 60 Jesus Film equipments and 2 Toyota Hilux Turbo diesel Trucks for the work in Cameroon.
  6. Pray for fruitful JFMT in Cameroon form 3-15/2/20 for great success.

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