The Mission

In order to increase and raise up an effective task force to reclaim a nation in crises, help fulfill the great commission and mobilization 2020 goal, we choose to build evangelistic skills in  the lives of  Cameroonians’ Christians and Church leaders in Yaounde and Kribi. the  JESUS Film Project Cameroon team together with the JFMT team  from the USA  organised a 3 days training seminar on evangelism through short film.
We had 150 persons  who showed up on the 4th  for the opening event and prayer at the Campus head quarters . The following days slated for 5-7 we had 138 participants who registered and followed 3 days trainings on the usage of short films for evangelism. The eye opening training was greatly participated by:

Participants who came from  Apostolic Church Cameroon. UEEC,  Salem Baptist church. Favour school, Overcomes Chapel Church,  Christ Winners school and some individuals.  It was remarked that these are the denominations and organizations among others that solicited for equipment from Campus Crusade for Christ in Cameroon and have shown their commitment

They were  drilled with lessons from  Nolan, Brooke and Jeff that helped them to download and become familiar with Jesus Film and GodTools Apps. We equally had demonstrations by Preston and Carter. Participants were so excited to see that their telephone can be use to serve God in this dimension. The two by two practice actually  excited many of them. Both pastors were so happy to participate in the practice. The participants also learnt the four point outline of how one can use short films to initiate spiritual conversation and share the gospel. Nolan and Brooke made it much more easier for participants to assimilate the lessons through participatory approach and adult learning

Outreach in the streets of Yaounde city

After our first day of training, we had the first field work on evangelism in Yaounde  carried out around the Yaounde 6 municipality. Trainees and facilitators went out into the noisy quarter around the training center. It was a great exciting moment for all. 134 persons were reached out on 1 to 1 bases and 84 accepted Christ.

The  second outreach on evangelism was at the university residential area under the coverage of Pastor Malachi who is one of those who solicited for partnership. As pastor of  students in Apostolic Church situated at the student residential area, open the door of his Church to us. We took a 70 seater bus and other cars to transport the trainees. It was very exciting moment of our training.  250 was reached and  number of persons who accepted Jesus Christ was 95. We are humbled and privileged to be a part of this great work. 138 trainees including church leaders, and members in their mission and evangelism committee  team partaking in,  the process of seeing  the slogan 1 Christian equal to 5 multiplying disciples become reality. Christians came out of their comfort zone of evangelism. They were motivated and passion for soul winning arose. To God be the glory.


Another in-depth of the training was workshop sessions on group plans. This was comparable to a schooling process where teams were paired according to churches ,zones and regions represented. Working Plans for the year 2020 were written down and envisaged partnership elaborated, not leaving behind the expected needs arsing. We are amaze at the level of commitment and enthusiasm reflected from trainees, not leaving out the heavy load added to us as we have to navigate with them for the realization of their dreams.

Short Film Festival

A film festival was organized on Friday evening and students together participants from the training and  professionals were a part of this evangelistic  method. Many remarked now soul searching these movies where and could be adapted to any audience. Participants where challenged by Jeff (Missionary from USA) to produce short African movies. We had 80 persons for attendance.


One of the pastor who has been working with Jesus film for long was so amazed at what happened at the Jesus film projection at the village of SASEI after OKOLA.  According to him, People have watched the Jesus film and so they shall not watch the film from beginning to the end. He was so surprised that the people watched the film from beginning to the end and 49 souls took a decision  and  invited Christ in their lives. Our team left the projection ground while the young converts were filled with jubilation of their new found faith.

On Sunday, report reached us that 28 souls attended the first Church service at Sasie village.
All the projections that took place in other villages in Yaounde and Kribi during period of the missionary work also experienced outstanding results. We saw God at work at all planed projections. We were humbled by the way God used these classic projections of Jesus film to touch  many lives leading to Church planting. Four churches were planted


February 12 at Kirbi we had an attendance of 70 persons who showed up for the training on evangelism and discipleship training. Local churches like the full gospel ,Baptist and other Pentecostal churches were able to unite for the first time as one body under the umbrella of  Jesus film Project. We had the participation of our Minisitry partner SIL representative sent for the training. We had JF classical projections done in 2 villages. Dibamwe and Hevecam.
We praise the Lord for the success of these training. Some pastors for the first time are able to see  through the film young converts receiving ministration thanks to the experience from the field work.



“We invaded  Bonas like Bees, and this has been the greatest outreach so far”. Commentaries from participants

  • It was  a wonderful  experience and for the first time we saw a whole 70 seater bus full to the brim and other private cars. Trainees who were more than  the 72  sent out by Jesus in the bible ,  spread out like bees returning with broad smiles of victory on their faces. The student Church of pastor Malachi  is the  beneficiary of this outreach results.
  • A female pastor said “This training has impacted my life  and others equally. We thought we knew all on Evangelism but we realized its just a tip of the ice berg. It filled the lack we had on Evangelism , helped me to  understand the essence and purpose of Evangelism and discipleship. We usually end up at evangelism, but the most important is for the person  to be established in Christ. The story of this nation will not be the same. God bless CCC for bringing this initiative.”
  • Immediately after the training, we intended to rest but pastors who made their plans  during the training started  calling reminding us of their plans of actions for execution. For example  Rev. Mabo  who participated in this seminar,  invited us to reproduce this same training in Symbock.  48 persons for attendance sat down for the training. Even though not fully recovered  from the two weeks intensive work, the  testimonies, from this Church encouraged us to remain focus to the work the Lord has handed to us. This is great! that the things which were taught  are now being passed on to others.


  1. Thank God for all who stood with us during this very historic moment in our ministry.
  2. Praise God for giving us an outstanding victory in all planned activities during the two weeks of mission trip in Cameroon.
  3. Pray for provision for the project of raising 75 MULTIPLYING CHRIST-CENTERED DISCIPLES  AS LEADERS AND TRAINERS who will  train Christians in partner Churches and organisations in evangelism, discipleship, planting of Churches and new life group movements using JF Products.
  4. March 2020 has been declared a month where every staff must raise full support for their family and ministry. Pray that the Lord will help us raise new faithful ministry partners who will be investing monthly to enable us to be fully funded.
  5. Pray and ask the lord to provide the Jesus Film Equipments that were solicited by our team,  some key Churches and individuals who are passionate to advance  the work of God in Cameroon.
  6. Pray for resources to enable us establish Jesus film media offices for our products that are offered to partner Churches and individual in every regional head quarter in the country. This will help preserved our equipment and bring our resources nearer to the body of Christ for national impact
  7. Pray for the provision a good mean of transportation to facilitate training and projection of Jesus film in the area that the film have not been projected and also to facilitate exploitation of Jesus film translated into local languages of OROKO, AKOSSE and Walking with Jesus in Pidgin still pending to be translated. Please pray for the great provider for a miracle  2 vehicles for Cameroon.
  8. Pray the Lord will send back the  JFMT team from USA and also new teams since our work is expanding
Best Card Tipa family

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