Continuation and Sustainability

Dear family members and friends we praise God for what He is doing through you and us in Cameroon. We are overwhelmed and humbled. Glory be to God.

Before serious measures were taken by the government with regards to CORONA VIRUS, that has reduced our activities on the field, we were about letting you know how the new method of training Christians and Church leaders to develop and contextualize their work plan, has brought to us so much work. Many needs and demands from individual, Christian organizations and local churches who want us to help them fulfill their mandate are now obvious. They want to advance the work of God in Cameroon in more significant ways.  Also as a full time staff  working with Campus crusade for Christ, we were obliged to raise ministry partners who pray, invest financially and  materially  in our lives and ministry. As a result, we were given one month from 1st of March 2020 to put in place a  MISSION TEAM made of ministry partners  for our livelihood and ministry sustainability. We urgently  RAISED TRAINERS   for  Continuation  of the work of God while away for fund development.


Considering the high demand from individuals, groups and local Churches  to be empowered with effective skills in evangelism, discipleship and Church planting using our products,  a trainers  training for continuity of the work  while we are away for fund development was organised.  8  key leaders  from our  new life group movements were  chosen and trained as trainers from the 27-29th February 2020. They where drilled on leadership qualities for leading groups, on the role of assistant trainer in training center, simulation and demonstration method of training and on evangelism, discipleship and Church planting via short films using the Jesus Film app and God tools.

Empowering the Church to fulfill her mandate

Christian Missionary Fellowship International (CMFI) Nkolbissong did not waste time to  solicit our team to  train their key leaders and some Christians. The church has a vision of  planting 10 churches in Yaounde and to  saturate Yaounde 7 municipality before the end of  2020.  Knowing this  which ties with our vision made it extremely difficult for us to deny this training. Reason why although Mathias was absent for the field work, Sylvia by the grace of God  went along with her new trainers for the practical session. CMFI gathered leaders from other existing churches in need for revival and saturation. After the training we went out for field work under the coaching of our trainers and  the following are some victory stories.

We rounded up our 4 days of training  at CMFI Nkolbisong  with close to 30  participants comprises of  the main pastor, key leaders and some Christians. Statistics on the field work showed 40 persons were exposed to the gospel , 26 persons invited Jesus into their lives. We do expect to carry out a revisit to this church to know how they are advancing with their contextualized plan. Please pray for this.


A professional shares her story.

” I have been a Christian for  about 42 years and for the last 5 or more I have not been able to bring a soul to the lord. Mostly because of the discouragement faced as and people don’t want to listen to you. I prayed and asked God this year to give me not just converts but Disciples at least 5. When I heard of this training I was not in Yaoundé but it was put on the forum and I told my pastor i would like to attend to renew  evangelism and know how to get souls. After the 45 minutes of field work , this lady returned  dancing and rejoicing for her desire had been met thanks to the training. Her ending words were ” It works,  It works. Please let Campus Crusade go to all the Church centers of CMFI and  assemblies  and train all the Christians”.

 A University student shares his story.

Roland a University student  took an initiative, while on  student Campus  and  meet  a group of  5 students using android phones and shared his faith using short films and the connecting question. They were  all very interested and they accepted Christ. Today he runs a discipleship group with these student. Please pray for  Roland and his group. It’s interesting to note that he compares the effectiveness of the usage of applications and short films as  “bait for a fish” which cannot be ignored.


The Lord  was able to bring some new ministry partners on board  who made a commitment to reinforced our MISSION TEAM through their leadership, influence, finances, expertise and even through prayers.  We are three quarter 3/4  done with  our goal before  the COVID-19 pandemic became serious.   We are praying the Lord for a divine intervention for protection and continuous provision for our partners.


  • Thank God for all of our partners who sacrificially  invested in our lives and ministry .
  • Pray for good health, provision, safety and peace in our partners.
  • Pray for the Churches and specially our daughter churches planted by our JFMT team in Cameroon for spiritual and numerical growth.
  • Pray God will help us to migrate well from short range ministry to distance ministry during the COVID-19 period.

May the Lord bless you and your family and keep you safe.

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