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Kept safe?

Friends and family members, we are convinced that  the Lord is keeping you and your family well and safe as we are by His grace.Christ in us the hope of glory. As Archimedes said ” give me a place to stand and i will move the earth”. Thanks for investing your prayer, finances, materials and your expertise in our lives and ministry that has enabled us to remain focus with the advancement of the kingdom work of our Lord in Cameroon. Together with you, we  registered good success during the special Easter season which coincided with COVID-19 Pandemic.

IN YAOUNDE:  Before confinement, on the 14/03/2020, more than 50 trainees of the February 2020, were evaluated and received an SD Cards each for the continuation of the work on the field. Little did we know we were preparing them to continue work even with their family and neighbour during confinement period.  We selected some trainees and trained them on the use of Jesus film products and equipment.

It was a tremendous blessing to listen and see how empowered pastors, associates, volunteers and even some committed disciples  are actively engaged in spreading spiritual movements everywhere so that someone can tell who is really following Christ.
Narciss impressed us a lot with his outstanding ability in multiplication of new life group movement and spiritual multiplication of disciples. So prayerful, coupled with his ability to strategize,  communicate vision and mission, God  used him to plant five new life group movements in his targeted area. Some are directed by some of his key movement leaders he developed. I was humbled to see him with his disciples re-adjusting their plan of work during the February 2020 training. He planed to plant 10 new life groups by end of year 2020

Sylvia with  her disciple Senator were able to start a great work on Magdalena,Story Telling and  Reflections of Hope with some teachers of three  primary schools before the close down of schools in Cameroon.

TV AIRING: It was a great excitement for many people to watch the Jesus film in English  language over the National Cameroon Radio TV station  (CRTV)  during the special Easter 2020. 
We were also privileged to register with Golden House Television for airing of Jesus film both in French and English.It was so special in that we were offered a link were we invited people to watch the film at a specific time. We had great testimonies from our National Team Leader NTL and others. See Victory story page and Statistics.

EAST REGION: Immediately a pastor from the East Region who participated in the training in Yaounde decided to execute his plan. Accompanied by one of our Jesus film associate staff based in Yaounde and our Jesus film team based in Bertoua, a 3 days Church planting program was carried out at Dimako. Using the new SD Card and the Jesus film equipment, a new Church was planted with a participation of 150 members in the first Sunday service.

Sandrine and Phelomen our trained Jesus film regional coordinators of  the Jesus film work in the East region  were so excited to see that after 3 days of classical JF projections a Church was planted.  To their greatest amazement, the first service was held in a very beautiful structure as you can see.  The presence of the Chief in the church service as a child of God indicated great success in mission work at the village of Dimako. 

Phone calls kept coming from villagers appreciating the good work. They solicited for more Jesus film projections in the surrounding villages for the same purpose. Plans were made but our team cannot travel there because of  exposure and risk of Corona virus especially via public transportation. The pastors from Yakaduma,  Abog-mba and Batouri are still trusting God for us to help them realize their dream for the work of God in the East region of Cameroon

EXTREME AND NORTH REGIONS:  Through our 3 teams in the North of Cameroon, coordinated by Pastor Fildel Castroph, Honourable Mamigue and papa WAGA, we were able to register great impact in the lives of more than 3000 souls who were expose to the Gospel through the Jesus Film using the SD CARDS. A great work  was accomplished in the north region

Pastor Fidel  C  was so pleased to send news of work in the north region before confinement was fully observed. To prepare Christians for Easter,  they trained 160 Christians from 1-2/04/2020. From 3-4 /04/2020 in Garey in Mayo Kany, trainees exposed 2500 souls to the Gospel through Jesus film projections and 4 spiritual laws and won 1000 souls for Christ.

Honorable Mamigue Jean a  leader after God”s heart though retired from serving as a parliamentarian, has  a vision of  advancing the work of God in his region and beyond. After mobilizing 125 Christians and 25 Church leaders for a  three days of evangelistic training late last year, a set of equipment was handed to him and for the Church leaders.

As strategic as he is, he divided his target area into three zones. This is an area where Muslim are really fighting to convert to Islamic state.
The trained children of God made themselves to take over those territory for Jesus. They made efforts for saturation but there was lack of equipment. This really slowed down the work. Their one equipment is not enough for saturation.
Two KOTOKO brothers were so instrumental for the work done in the district of ZINA more than 15 people gave their lives to JESUS. As it is a people not reached by the gospel those who gave their lives are under threat for dead from their brothers and parents. Thanks to brother SEINI ABATCHA a kotoko native of this area is supported by another kotoko brother who has fled and stays at NGAOUNDERE who comes from time to time to encourage the young people not to return to the Muslim faith.
They are soliciting for the translation of the JESUS film  in KOTOKO and also  to train the local people on how they can evangelize their  people in their dialect.
A Christian health center would be welcome in the locality of Maltam or Zina, because the sick are receptive to the word of God and private Christian school for the children it will help us reach out to them and disciple them.
The Yagoua area 2
Jesus film projection were carry out by a Church who expose 1200 people to  the word of God and 170 gave their life to the lord and are followed with 2 churches planted.
In Yagoua center 3: The Jesus film projection took place with 2650 exposed to the gospel and 3 new life groups were born having 16, 21 and 23 members in each group. Hon. JEAN MAMIGUE has 18 people in his house new life group.


Christopher  marked us in the way God used him and his brother to plant 6 new life group movements in and out of Yaounde . He said “using the SD Card containing various short films and JF Clips accelerated our success rate,We were able to use some selected clips to share the gospel to multitude of persons. We extracted Bible story from the specific clips and tell the story to the people and involve them in discussions after projecting the clips. We usually end up with gospel message and challenge them to make decision for Christ.  Through these strategies we saw God at work.  We have multiplied our impact through the use of the Jesus film tools.”
Pastor Tsafack who planted a small house church was so happy that he found these tools effective as it helped him to impact the lives of some members of his new house church. He reinforced the capacity of 10 of his key leaders with skills on evangelism and Follow up with focus on the use of the products and tools. In domestic evangelism, in a family, 5 adults accepted Christ  and are now being follow up.
Our National Team Leader testified of how some people he visited their homes  congratulated him for airing the Jesus film during the Easter period. This was affirmed as he appreciated the Jesus FILM Team for a great work done.
The former Jesus film Project coordinator Emmanuel when he saw the link sent to him appreciated the fact that he could watch the film from his phone, and being so moved mentioned “Never seen not had i imagined watching the film from TV station in my phone and immediately I saw the link I forwarded to  some contacts in my phone” During our leaders meeting, he (Emmanuel) equally testified how family members appreciated the initiative and said five (5) families made a commitment by watching the film from USA, Great Britain. An applaud was given for the work done.
Pastor Fidele C testified how a witch doctor gave her life to Christ and finally her properties were burnt.
The Station Manager of Golden house Television called me saying “I want to let you know I really watched with my family the film from start to the end and we made a commitment. I am very interested and I want to get along with the teaching of Jesus. I will be happy if we can meet and see how we can use this film to help so many other people to get to know Jesus story.”


  1. Praise the Lord for keeping  us, our partners and their families safe as well as  preserving  the new Churches  and New Life Group movements planted from COVID-19 pandemic effects.
  2. Pray for our partners that the Lord will show himself faithful to them and continue to provide for them at this very crucial moment for His work to continue in Cameroon and beyond.
  3.  We are committed to help fulfill GO2020 goals for this month of May. Pray  for effective prayer network  which is  already operational, fruitful evangelistic and discipleship  strategies, divine provision specially for this month of May, June  as a result  of the intensive  online nature of our work..
  4.  Pray for us that we shall migrate fast from short range ministry to distance ministry. We have 20 New life group leaders who need tools to work digitally. Like Narciss  who does not have an Android phone.
  5. As the work  is expanding pray for more partners, a ministry truck and equipments.

See the demand of equipment by every region.

Map of Cameroon showing the teams and needs

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