Dear friends and family members,

Happy new month of grace, favor, intimacy with God and exploit.

What a joy writing to you a first-hand report of what God is doing in Cameroon.  We are leaving a sustainable legacy for the next generation because we are navigating together. Thanks for standing with us.

Migration in the ministry context is how we are doing things differently from the way we use to do. Confinement is the push factor for us to migrate from short-range ministry to distance ministry.


PRAYER: Prayer has been our priority in our ministry. We were afraid that Confinement has come to stop us from praying. Actually stopped us from pray in short-range and with few people who usually meet once in a week to pray.

Using digital strategies, we are able to pray with our disciples and with families in distant places and homes. The numbers of intercessors have increased to 150 who pray daily for 15-30 minutes using WhatsApp for close to two months.

We were able to join global prayer at different dimensions of praying. Some of our intercessors were able to join the 41 days of prayer and also the ONE MIRACLE NIGHT prayer organized by the Jesus film Project international. God answered us in a mighty way. Today we are enjoying the fruits of these prayer moments.

Testimony: As a result of this prayer on the 30 of May 2020, God opened a door to translate Jesus film into KOTOKO and MANDARA local language. We are in the planning face and putting teams in place for the translation.


It was so exciting and challenging to migrate digitally in evangelism and discipleship. In the early days of lockdown, we focus on family discipleship since we have not developed our digital strategies for distance ministry. Using our home as a model, the Lord enabled us to use Apps like Jesus’ film, Godtools, our discipleship materials, Duo to training 14 other family heads who returned in their home and launch it. Mama Rebecca and her driver were so happy that they were able to bring order in their home. The driver said at his home they called him now a pastor because he will call the family members for a short film festival and will end up in the study of the word of God and prayers. They are now also helping other family members to do the same to others.  We were able to finally train our associates on how to evangelize, disciples and plant new groups digitally online. We migrated also by using TV Broadcast strategy to reach to masses and WhatsApp for follow up.

There are some villages in Cameroon in the northern part of Cameroon that coronavirus has not reach so no confinement. In this area we have send our team to continue with classical Jesus film projection for mass evangelism for Church growth and planting. We were able to expose, win, follow up, discipled Trained and send as seen in the table below.

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