Inspiration and Innovation for Progress

Math and Sylvia
Dear friends and family, even with these uncertain times, I trust the grace of God is sufficient for you and your family. The Lord is inspiring, innovating, and together we are progressing well. The joy of the Lord is our strengthen.

PRAYER THE KEY: We were inspired for an innovative nationwide prayer that is reviving, creating unity in the body of Christ, and  promoting collaborative partnership for  kingdom impact. Through zoom and WhatsApp, Cameroonians are gradually involved in praying at a distance for their nation and for the work of God. Strategically prayers are made for the nation region by region by all participants and at the end of praying for a region, a representative at every region concludes the prayer. It was a great joy praying together  with other christians, disciples, our  Jesus film technicians, and partners nationwide  from distant places.

Praying for Cameroon

Through WhatsApp and Facebook, we were able to expose,  more people to the gospel than when we  were doing it at short range. Follow up seems fast but aiming at spiritual multiplication is challenging and very slow do to our current realities .Using short film,Jesus film segments and our locally made tools helped us to reachout to  many people. John one afternoon received a post from me through whatsApp and he prayed and invited Christ to his life as saviour and Lord.  He was so moved that he decided to share the post on his facebook page; he called and said daddy, more than twenty of my friend have prayed also.

TV AIRING: It was great excitement for many people to watch the Jesus film in English language over the National Cameroon Radio TV station (CRTV) during the special Easter 2020. In June Children were exposed to the gospel through TV broadcast and in August we aired Magdalena as you can see below.  We were also privileged to register with Golden House Television for the airing of the films both in French and English. It was so special in that we were offered a link where we invited people to watch the film at a specific time. See the statistics below in the chart.  
IN NONCONFINED AREAS: Lockdown did not apply to the whole nation of Cameroon. Remote areas were not restricted for public activities. In such areas our Jesus film teams in cities of those regions migrated there and continued with classical Jesus film
projection for Church growth and planting.Gilbert Belias in the north, Sandrine in the East, Franck in the West, Ezekiel in Garoua, Pastor Fidel in Maroua and hon Jean in Yagoua went extra miles and registered great success in partnership with local Churches in those areas. They were able to expose, win, build their faith in Christ, planted new Churches and multiply themselves in others. see in the table below.

DISCIPLESHIP: Progress in discipleship is a  motivation for us. God in His ways of doing things is really manifesting himself at the level of family discipleship, were we are seeing life transformation and the impact felt around communities were impacted families are based.  Kids are leading devotion without our presence using the Knowing Jesus tool, short film, and the Jesus film clip. Mama Rebecca is more than happy to see her family members  falling in love with the word of God and willing to help their neighbors to know the Lord.

TRAINING:   We had to  built the capacity of some of the associates that were  leading the  18  New Life Groups (NLG) that were planted before lockdown. Migration was difficult for most because of the challenging situation of data, neytwork and ability to use technology effectively. We however continued with training on digital evangelism and discipleship. We had to transfer from our former home to a new house just because we needed to locate an area with good network.
In our new home, we were able to receive personal empowerment and were able to work from empower others.
Sylvia was so glad to see women being trained online using reflection of hope.
God bless her with 20 resource women leaders who are already doing exploits .

Magdalena Covid 19 is an inspired project that  seeks to restore the woman back to her original position before the fall of man.Taking a look on post covid-19 with regard to the woman. 20 key women leaders were selected for an empowerment process from 15th to 16th August 2020 digitally via Zoom.On the 22nd August 2020, a Physical meeting at Hotel Des Deputes was organized to enable the women to actually round up well with vision, mission and way forward communicated well for appropriation. It was life transforming and mission oriented. Participants retired home satisfied

PARTNERSHIP:  The mission of The Jesus Film Project is to provide effective evangelistic and follow-up tools and strategies to help reach everyone, everywhere with the gospel. The altimate goal is the raising up of multiplying laborers who can accelerate movement building everywhere. Before lockdown, God brought Jesus Film Mission Trip (JFMT) team from USA to Cameroon. Through their great work and tools offered (SD Cards), facilitated our networking with churches, para-church organizations and individuals for collaborative partnership.  They solicited equipment for effective exploitation of our products for kingdom purpose.


Esther: I am so very grateful to God for the passing of Jesus Film Mission Trip team in Cameroon. I am thanking God because my life was impacted and has improved my ministry greatly. Transformation of lives in my ministry is very obvious. Using the tools of JFP, First, I trained 10 oF my ley leaders on the usage of the tools on spiritual growth and ministry.  For practical purpose they were send out to model evangelization using phones. .

I was able to spread out the movement to other branches in Douala and the diaspora through online evangelization and discipleship. In Douala we started with 2 persons and today we are 15 in number. At the diaspora we started with 1 and today we are 6.
The SDC card given by papa Mathias Tipa has greatly enabled me to do follow up and discipleship effectively. I often use the short films  in my group. At the level of Yaoundé, we were able to plant 2 other groups and leaders trained to spread out like wild fire. short films are practical and made easy as people love visuals.
Really may the Lord bless the missionary team. I believe their coming has greatly impacted my ministry and has brought in great change thanks to the various levels of empowerment.

OVERWHELMED: Before Gilbert left to the North Region of Cameroon i knew he was called by God to advance His kingdom. He proved his ministry when i was discipling and mentoring him in Yaounde. We planted  3 Churhes  which are fully established with pastors feeding the flocks;
Recently when he return to Yaounde for a short break, i was overwhen when i attended one ot the last church he planted before moving to the north. The pastor that was overseeing the functioning of the Church was so happy to see his spiritual father Gilbert. The church pastor almost clapse when Gibert introduced me as His spiritual father to the entire Church. To him Gilbert  should not preach when i am there. I told him i came to be bless by my spiritual son and i that i am so glad to see gilbert disciple running the Church. I was blessed by the message of Gilbert when he use store telling with short film to impact lives on that Sunday.   Click HERE to read abut what Gilbert said on his facebook page.


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Back to school


  1. Join us to thank the Lord for protection, preservation and provision for our families, disciples, and Ministry partners through out this pandemic
  2.  Pray that our working  visit to the  affected newly planted churches and new life groups will bring  revival and establishment. Equally pray for spiritual multiplication of disciples, New Life Groups and Churches.
  3. Pray for the projects of  translating Jesus film into Mandara,  Kotoko and Walking with Jesus into pidgin for good success  Pray for provision.
  4.  Pray for the empowered  women by Sylvia that will efectively lead the magdalena women movement as she is stepping into the student ministry assigned to her by the leadership  of Campus Crusade for Christ Cameroon. Pray she will ignisiate movements of multiplying  student  leaders who will lead movements on Campuses
  5. Pray  for the Lord to establish this  culture of nationwide prayer  so as  to strenghten collaborative partnership and kingdom impact
  6. Lets continue to pray that  the equipment solicited before covid 19 pandemic will be provided.
  7. Pray for our children as they have just returned to school that the Lord will enable them to succeed well in their study and continue to grow spiritually

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