My dear friends and family again new year greetings. We are sorry for lateness in reportig. Pls permit us to take you back to what God did as a result of us navigathing together. You will understand the way forward as the  Lord is leading.

The first of its kind in Africa the translation of Jesus film into Mandara language. Though all phases of translating films into mother tongue language, were observed, like feasibilty study, cultural adaptation of film and committees formed but the virtual nature of script adaptation for this workshop make it special. When the time of God came for salvation of the Mandara language group, the Lord took the lead and usher us and our partners into action. See pictures of preliminary work below

I was humbled when selected to be train in Cameroom to coordinate the translation work of films into mother tongues for effective evangelisation. I was afraid when told as the training was going to be virtual and using a software which i was not use to.

The first phase of the training that was aimed at qualifying me as a coordinator, was done through zoom while i was at SIL premises. Greatly assisted by my Mathew Lee SIL communicator expert, the language keyborad was installed on my laptop and  technical challenges were handled by him. Overwhelemed with my success, i was encouraged to take the role of a coordinator of virtual script adaptation workshop.

God raised  powerful teams from America made up of 5 persons, Mark Llyod, Sue McDaniel, Mark BOSTROM, Sophie, Walters,

From Kenya the Lord was able to give us two trainers, SAMPSON and ELLY.

We had the Mandara Mother Tongue Translators team made of five persons and  was  led by Papa Andrea Douche while the Cameroon team led by Mathias Tipa who  was accompanied by Emmanuel Ngeh.

The Lord show us His faithfulness by enabling us have good internet connection. The MTTs were very available and work. Our team from Orlando were very encouraging and were very happy to succeed with this phase of work digitally in African context. To God be the glory. See Pictures below

We were so blessed with the presence of our partner  SIL Regional Co-Ordinator Mr Mana Daniel who assisted us with video projector and laptop for the two and half weeks of work.

By the end of the workshop the Lord enabled us to raise fund locally and bought a good laptop for the mother tongue translators to help them check scripts for recording.


1. Pray for the M T Ts, SIL and Campus Crusade for Christ for excellent collaboration as we forge for different phases of the work.

2. Pray for the Second Workshop to take place by the second week of March 2021 for great success

3. Pray for the Approval Committee Check, The Consultant and Back Translator as they have a very important role to play

4. Pray for voice Actors: For careful selection with a stipulated
criteria and various roles or Loops cut out and given to them for practice.

5. The JFP Cameroon, the Mandara Community will agree on what period to propose for recording which will be subject to approval by Sue Mc Daniel.

6. The Grand Premier will be the coronation point of the Mandara Jesus film project to be followed by an action plan for exploitation. This will be corked out by the JFP Coordinator and the Mandara Inter-Church Committee.

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