Friends and family, we are certain the lord is hiding and preserving you and your beloved ones continually from the wind of  Covic-19 pandemic that is blowing all over the whole world. Filling the hearts of many with fear, hoplessness and uncertinty, we ceased the opportunity to usher the wind of rivival by giving hope, peace of mind, wiping fear and intentionally filling the throne room of God in heaven with people of all tribes, language and regions of Cameroon nation using the Jesus film products. 

To encourage you for collaboration for greater impact, we are humbled and encouraged by the way God is backing our field work during this challenging moment.

RESULT BASED TRAININGS:  By the grace of God Sylvia with her passion to see the woman and the girl child become useful in the hands of God, selected 10 key women leaders and trained them on how to plant New Life Magdalena Discipleship Groups Movement using the Magdalena tool.

Just after the training, the two senators attended a meeting called by the minister of social Affairs that brought key women representatives from the regions facing crises. At the meeting, they deliberated on how they as leaders can do to bring peace or be agent of peace in those regions. One of the senator who was impacted by the magdalena training, was convinced that God is the answer to the challenge facing the women in thses regions. She shared this with us and the birth of exploiting the Jesus film products all over the ten regions of Cameroon to bring about sustainable peace, transformation and restoration was reinforced. Having this in mind the field practice became a priority to the trainees. The female senator gladly took the challenge to spread the good news in her neighborhood. Using Magdalena clip, 50 Women from a women Association were reached out. She outrageously shared her passion to see Women as agents of peace and reconciliation in homes and Nation. Next, she programmed another Magdalena Film projection at the level of her parish. Having the full support from her Parish Priest, 30 females was imparted. The parish priest so impressed by these, requested for another film show slated for “Good Friday”. His desires to exploit other ventures of the Jesus film products. She was so excited to be use by God to add values in thier lives. She is really commited to exploit the Jesus film products. She solicited a set of backpack equipment from Campus Crusade for Christ

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Taking it back home!

Mama senator was unable to express her joy at the end of the training for multiplication because she imparted lives and was approved for mission after she successful organized her short film festival in her home. She saw her disciple multiplying her life in the life of others. She equally solicited for a backpack set of equipment to enable her and her team to go for mission in her constituency located in one of the romote area in South West Region. In this area, the government has constructed a big camp for muslim people to carry fish activities in the Atlantic ocean. Portable water is a scare commodity. She expressed a desire to realise her living and natural water project for her people.

5 new groups were planted by the trainees and it was during international day of the Woman. One of the participant who attended the event was so moved on how easy to win souls through the strategy.

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Mary Sunjoh: She was well empowered by the Jesus film team that came to Cameroon last year. This enabled her to quickly mobilise people in her neighborhood to watch the Jesus film that was aired from the Cameroon national television (CRTV) on Good Friday during Easter season. She started a follow up program with these people who watched the film. She has planted more than five groups with a multiplication effect.

  • Thank you for making this impact possible and continuing

  • Lord establish the vision, spread nationwide sustainable peace and restoration

  • Pray to effectively raise many laborers to fill the throne room of God in Heaven

  • Pray the women will be useful instrument for kingdom impact

  • Training program coming up in Limbe 01/05/2021

  • Planting of new life discipleship groups

  • Our  solicited equipment to arrive well.

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