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Friends and family, we are certain the lord is hiding and preserving you and your beloved ones continually from the wind of  Covic-19 pandemic that is blowing all over the whole world. Filling the hearts of many with fear, hoplessness and uncertinty, we ceased the opportunity to usher the wind of rivival by giving hope, peace of mind, wiping fear and intentionally filling the throne room of God in heaven with people of all tribes, language and regions of Cameroon nation using the Jesus film products. 

To encourage you for collaboration for greater impact, we are humbled and encouraged by the way God is backing our field work during this challenging moment.

RESULT BASED TRAININGS:  By the grace of God Sylvia with her passion to see the woman and the girl child become useful in the hands of God, selected 10 key women leaders and trained them on how to plant New Life Magdalena Discipleship Groups Movement using the Magdalena tool.

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