Friends and family, grace, peace and the Love of God be in abundant. May the lord keep and preserve you and your beloved ones from the wind that is blowing all over the whole world.

Our season of exploit and expansion is at hand and thanks  for navigating with us. We are humbled and encouraged seeing God in action. We are experiencing a remarkable impact in the domain of rescuing Cameroonians from different tribes and language groups in our nation during this challenging time through the Jesus film products. By the power of the Holy spirit the Lord is enabling us in significant ways in facilitating our translation work, training programs, launching and explioting of Jesus film in local languages, expanding into some misional gaps in Cameroon through strategic collaboration with partners. 


Prayer needs

  • Pray for excellent work at all stages of the project

  • God should  draw the Mandara people to himself.

  • Pray for the MTTs, Coaches and all involed in the project for protection and sound health

  • Ask the Lord to raise up laborers for exploitation of the Film

The best strategy to reach out to people in missional gaps  with the gospel digitally is through film in their mother tongue. Mandara Jesus film translation project chosen by God, gave Jesus film Project a second virtual approach experience as Jesus film translation is concern. There were fears on how the progress of the script adaptation workshop was going to be executed considering the internet network and how local mother tongue people can be engage in digital exercise. We are grateful for our expart teams who did excellent coaching and the sacrifices of the mother tongue translators (MTTs) that did a good job in the script adaptation workshop. Community SCRIPT CHECKING exercise finally was done dispite the omision of some lines that were not adapted but now well done. Now the work is under CONSULTANT CHECK. The consultant as a mother tongue, is playing the role of back translator. We appreciate the collaboration of our partner SIL who delegated their general administration of the Extreme north region Mr Mana Daniel to assist in the phase of script check to mobilize the Mandara mother tongue to conduct the exercise for accuracy. His collaboration facilitated the exercise. While waiting for the consultant to finish, pray for the second phase of virtual workshop that needs to start soon.

We are trusting God that this project will open and strengthen collaborative partnership with partners and be a stepping stone for translation of Jesus film products like walking with, Jesus film, Magdalena and other films into other Cameroon local languages.

Jesus Film and Digital Engagement Training:

I have never been to the north region of Cameroon for physical missionary trip, but recently with the new orientation on our mission, strategically using social media, God was able to equip brother Ezekiel Bere. He went ahead and mobilized some persons that were trained to be part of his Jesus film volunteers for the north region. God being faithful was able to qualify 5 of them as laborers.
They were assigned to reach out to their own tribe people with the gospel in their mother tongue using Jesus film products. We are affirming that digital migration is key for pioneering into missional gaps as a result of the outcome of the training.

Saturday 6th March 2021 was unforgettable day for me as ministry is concern. I have always desired to reach out to people using social media. I was filled with joy when I learnt that within a short period of time 8 new life home cells were planted through the coordinating work of brother Ezekiel in the north region a Muslim populated region.
It was amazing to hear from brother Ezekiel that 22 persons made a prayer of commitment unto the Lord through an outreach of short film festival using the Jesus film segments.
At the same time a family of 3 persons repented and took a commitment to serve the Lord in a community at Pitoa nearer to Gaoura using their smart phone.

Isaac based after Maroua in Extreme north region also mobilized some persons for the short film festival were he was based. In his mobilization strategy puts it this way “come and see a magic through my phone. We will watch a film projected from Yaoundé. 10 people showed up and through his phone they took part in the evangelistic event. Some referred to this digital short film festivals as “MAGIC”. Magic using their very own phones to watch a film all the way from distance place being played and control by another person. Now they are part of the Obedience Based Life Transforming Bible Study.

Mama Rachel from Pitoa, found it hard to believe that her telephone could be useful for life video conferences and training. Seating right at her home and witnessing live, a Bible study was simply unimaginable. “wooh she said thank you very much for this new initiative. This has come to boost my faith and take me deeper into the word”.
In one of this Muslims’ targeted populated area, they dont only meet to pray to Mohammed but now they are meeting and studying the word of God and watching Jesus film segments in their mother tongue (Fulfulde)
On the 7/5/2021 in Yaounde while training my colleagues on digital fund development using WhatsApp, I received a call from brother Ezekiel informing me about their departure to plant three new Churches in three villages in the Muslim populated communities. I was moved and to encourage them i had to send some financial assistance to the team.

Pray that God should frustrate the Muslim plan of taking the north and far north regions as Islamic state.



  1. Thank God  for raising laborers for the great harvest
  2. Thank the Lord all our partners who are standing with us on the field
  3. Pray that trainees will boldly give Jesus to everyone & raise disciples
  4. Pray for spirtual multiplication of disciples and groups.


In Yaounde, we mobilized 15 key persons to train using the knowing Jesus training manual for Spiritual multiplication of home cell to promote family discipleship using the 61 segments of Jesus film. 11 persons finished well the training. It was such a good experience since we were motivated by our National team leaders who gave a very encouraging keynote address to the participants.

Modeling on the field was an encouragement for the trainees. They expressed their satisfaction on the effectiveness of creating home cells through festival of the Jesus film segments for aggressive evangelism and dynamic discipleship towards life transformation and multiplication of community of faith. They were challenged to start it in their homes before stepping out. About ¾ of the trainees have launch home cell at the level of their home.



  1. Thank God for our partners who are help for the advancement of the work in Cameroon

  2.  Pray for the Jesus Film Project family in Cameroon and the world for His protection, provision, and love for all.

  3. Thank God for the good progress of the Mandara Jesus film translation so far. Pray for the grace of God for good successful in the second workshop, recording, production and exploitation of the film.

  4.  Pray that God continue to raise labourers for multiplication effect.

  5. Pray for abiding fruits in our evangelistic and discipleship and planting of Churches.

  6. Pray for provision of funds and Jesus film truck for the Jesus film project Cameroon

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